Wholesomely Awesome

Hello readers. Throughout my life, I have been passionate about food. To be honest, it was probably a little too much of my life’s obsession. As soon as breakfast was over, my mind would jump tolunch or dinner plans. I blame this on the amazing food I grew up eating. Growing up in a small town, my palate didn’t have the opportunity to explore many cuisines, but my mom was determined to expanded our food culture. Our meals ranged from homemade Indian food to fresh Italian pasta and one-pot Thai soup. My love for food stems from the flavorful, wholesome kitchen I grew up in. I have started this blog to share some wholesomely awesome recipes and great adventures for a healthy wellbeing.

Tranquility of the beautiful small town of Sayulita, MX
Dreaming of the quiet little surf town. Sayulita, MX 2015

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